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"Excellent instructors! I feel better after only a few visits! Nice office staff too!"
Jan 30, 2019
"The staff was very professional and helpful. Thanks for all your help!"
Jan 16, 2019
"In the 6 weeks of therapy I've received for my shoulder I have had nothing but positive experiences. This is a clean and comfortable facility with a wonderful staff that truly focuses on their clients needs. Thanks to all of you. "
Dec 03, 2018
"I am a returning patient to Glen rock PT. I have been a patient after having rotator cuff surgery, low back pain and tarsal tunnel syndrome. I recently obtained a neck and upper back injury. I will be starting PT this Friday October 19th and I have been with Paul, Brian and Joe, who are all excellent. My appointments will be with Joe. All the therapists are extremely knowledgeable and the patient care I received has been above and beyond any other PT facility I have been to. There are numerous therapists by my home and work in less than a mile. When it comes to health, we should never compromise. I commute 55 minutes to Glen Rock PT and the therapy sessions are more than work the time and effort it takes to get me there. The entire staff is great. I have started in late December 2014 and have been a patient on and off to the present date. Thanks again Glen Rock PT for all you do for your patients."
Oct 14, 2018
"Everyone is great! I'm not in the pain anymore - Paul has been so helpful! And the Hersey dark chocolate is the best reward!"
Sep 26, 2018
"Great & Friendly"
Sep 26, 2018
"Great team of PT's; effective treatments and great results. I tell all of my friends to come here!"
Sep 25, 2018
"Great staff and team. The professional staff and environment make for a fun and effective place to rehab. Would highly recommend it! "
Sep 25, 2018
"I saw Joe today with some lower back pain. He was able to diagnose the location of the pain and quickly recommend ways to rehabilitate this particular area of my back. I now have a plan in place and I am already seeing improvement. I would highly recommend Joe, he was extremely courteous and very detailed in his work."
Sep 22, 2018
"Jeannie, Thank you. The care provided by Joe and your team is as always top notch. Joe has been very compassionate and his expertise clearly shows in that I have recovered and able to do exercises needed on my own. He has also provided tips and techniques to mitigate any recurrence of this issue. The staff there - all of them - have been very patient, and flexible in adjusting their schedule to accommodate me. Thanks once again for your superlative service. Regards, Salil "
Aug 25, 2018


"The professionalism of the entire staff was exemplary. This is a genuine caring atmosphere."

"I think you all do a very good job. The staff is very encouraging, and you feel energized when your session is over. All of the therapists are very nice and welcoming."

"The therapist were very helpful and kind and right on the ball."

"Treatment was adjusted as conditions changed. Waiting time was minimal. Excellent explanation of what was being treated, how treatment would help, etc. I felt included in the process."

"Straightforward treatment plan, thorough visits; started feeling stronger after a few visits."

"Everyone was professional - made my treatment enjoyable even thru the pain."

"Warmth of staff; caring attitude very apparent - including those in office."

"The hands-on attention to the problem, rather than just the machines. Makes you stand out in the field."

"l've had physical therapy at another facility, but you are 100% better. Great job!"

"I had been suffering with pain in my back for a really long time, but your therapists know exactly what to do. I can't believe how much they alleviated my pain."

"I was most satisfied with the friendliness and personal attention I received. I felt like I was at cheers (where everyone knows your name)."


"The people were great, they have a very great crew, they care about you."


"Everyone, patients included, seemed to enjoy being [at Glen Rock Physical Therapy]. There was always music playing and laughter occurring."


"The experience [at Glen Rock Physical Therapy] was really beneficial and helpful in rehabbing. Just keep on doing what you are doing now."


"Thanks to your invaluable help, I have been able to return to my favorite exercise, swimming. Three months ago, I could barely move my arm; I am now able to swim for an hour each day. I greatly appreciate all your outstanding work. Your skill, knowledge, and patience are truly remarkable. You are physical therapists nonpareil!"


"When I first came here, I could barely walk or sit. In a short period of time the staff at Glen Rock Physical Therapy has given me my life back. I am able to sit and walk, and have begun to run again. I could not have done it without them. Their hands on, caring methods have brought me all the way back physically and mentally. For anyone who needs assistance and is looking to be cured and get their life back, the only place to come is Glen Rock Physical Therapy. Thank You All!"


"I have been coming to your facility for quite some time and have had various PT’s work on me, and they are excellent. One therapist in particular had a dramatic effect on my progress and made a noticeable difference. Thank you."


"Thank you for giving my life back and taking good care of me. I am a stronger and better person. Thank you again for everything."

"My care at Glen Rock Physical Therapy has been fabulous. Pre-surgery, the pain management and strength and stretching exercises made it possible to get through a very difficult time. More importantly, post-surgery, I am immediately pain-free, strong, flexible, and getting better everyday. My quality of life has improved dramatically and I am able to do almost anything physical that I wasn’t able to do pre-surgery. My range of motion, ability to walk, lift, twist and run have all returned! Hooray!"


"I went to the gym yesterday and ran 5 miles with ease. I was ecstatic to say the least! Thank you for helping me heal and return to my passion."


"With the consistent rehabilitation plus the therapist’s in in depth knowledge of the situation, I have been able to significantly help myself after leaving the facility. Paul has been able to quickly ascertain any complications and remedy it quickly and completely. Paul is very pleasant to work with and his attention to detail does not go noticed! Previous therapists at other practices have not shown the concern that Paul demonstrates! Paul is also a combination of ‘old school”, ‘old fashion’ techniques with current, up-to-date technology and procedures."


"At this time, I am able to go up and down the stairs, get up from sitting on the floor with no pain, walk for longer periods of time, and do activities that require being on my feet for longer periods of time. I no longer constantly think about my knee/hip - I am able to sleep through the night without being awaken with pain."


"The atmosphere was great and everyone was friendly."


"The care was excellent. I can hit a golf ball longer than ever. The elimination of stiffness and pain has greatly improved my function and enjoyment of life. Thank you Paul!"


"I was most satisfied with the expertise, skill and compassion by my physical therapist. The support, kindness and positivity of all the staff. You truly have the whole package and again, thank you from the bottom of my heart."